Public transport

The Griffin theatre is very easily reachable by public transport. The nearest streetcar stop is at walking distance from the theatre! You will need a public transport chip card (OV chipkaart), which you can buy at the train station.

Prices for Public Transport Chip Card
There are several options which are handy for tourists, depending on how long you'll stay. Here are a few examples:

This is the regular 'so-many-hours' card:
24 hrs (1 day):€ 7.00
48 hrs (2 days):€ 11.50
72 hrs (3 days):€ 15.50
96 hrs (4 days):€ 19.50

And then there is the Amsterdam 'All in 1 Travel Ticket', which includes an airport return trip:
24 hrs (1 day):€ 13.20
48 hrs (2 days):€ 17.25
72 hrs (3 days):€ 20.85
96 hrs (4 days):€ 24.45

The Amsterdam All in 1 Travel Ticket is only available at the Holland Tourist Information desk at Schiphol Airport (opposite Arrival Hall 2, open daily from 07.00 - 22.00 hrs.) (Thanks Makita21, for this information)

Don't forget to check in AND out!

Handy tip: The regular chip card selling point above ground directly opposite the East exit of the Central Station tends to be very busy. Downstairs in the subway station is a smaller, but much quieter spot to buy them. If you enter the subway station from Central Station, it's on your left hand shortly after entering the main hall of the station.

Trains run right from the main hall in the Airport. They run 4-6 times an hour, and take 13-20 minutes, depending on how many stops they have. There should be plenty of room, but it's hard to predict. Note on luggage: at all times, keep it with you. The trains from Schiphol to Amsterdam are notorious for unattended luggage theft.

Note: if you buy train tickets from a machine at Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station it will automatically sell you a 1st class ticket, which is 40% more expensive than a regular ticket. You can change it on the touchscreen.

Public Transport Routes:

From Schiphol to Amsterdam Central Station:
Take a train. See trains.
From Schiphol to Campsite:
Take bus 199 just outside Schiphol Plaza, direction Amsterdam Zuid. Get off at stop Camping Amsterdamse Bos. Takes about 20 minutes.
From Camping to Griffin:
Take bus 199, direction Amsterdam Zuid. Get off at stop Rembrandt weg. See attached map for walking route, busstop is roughly at the same spot as metrostop Uilenstede. Bus runs only once an hour, takes about 45 minutes. Try to hitch a ride with someone with a car, takes about 15 minutes ;)
From Amsterdam Central Station to the Griffin:
Take metro 51 to Amstelveen Westwijk. Get off at stop Uilenstede. Takes about 30 minutes.

For more options, check out this route planner.

Cars, motorcycles

For those of you traveling by car or motorcycle, free parking space is available around the building.

Addresses you're likely to need:

Convention location:
Griffin Theatre, Uilenstede 106, Amstelveen.

Camping Hostel Amsterdam "Het Amsterdamse Bos", Kleine Noorddijk 1, Amstelveen.

For those of you who like to get a little bit of exercise, it is possible to rent a bike for as little as 10 euros for a weekend, right around the corner from the Griffin.