Program: Sunday

Complete schedule for Sunday

On Sunday morning, we get together at the Griffin one last time for a nice chat, a short closing speech and a cuppa, and then split up into groups. You can choose between several activities. There are four options:

The first option is to stay at the Griffin, and attend a creative workshop there. There will be two shifts, and you can join in both. You will have the opportunity to make magnetic bookmarks from postcards, and you can learn to make miniature books. Which can be used as a decoration, for example as earrings or at the end of a bookstring.
(Free of charge)

Your second option is also located at the Griffin and will be to attend a Haiku writing workshop. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry, it's strength and beauty in apparent simplicity.
(Free of charge)

A third option is to join some Dutch BookCrossers on a releasing tour through the city. We will make sure you get to see the historical center and stroll around on the canals. Colour the town BookCrossing yellow! The walk will end with a simple flash mob organised by two of our guides!
(Free of charge, but you'll need a Public Transport chip card to get into the city.)

The fourth option, by popular demand, will be a visit to the Anne Frank house. It's the house where a young Jewish girl, Anne Frank, lived hidden from the Germans during World War II, and where she wrote her famous diary. It's one of the places you really must visit if you go to Amsterdam.

Cost: €9, incl. reservation costs, to be paid on arrival. Signing up for this means you will most likely be able to use the group entrance, avoiding the long queue to get inside.

NOTE: If you sign up for this, you cannot cancel. This is because we have to order and pay for the tickets in advance. Thus, you sign up, you pay. We trust you'll understand this condition. You'll also need a Public Transport chip card to get there.

Of course, you can opt to not sign up for any of these, and make your own plans. Those who bought their convention ticket before March 6th 2010 have been sent an e-mail to sign up for one of these activities. Those who sign up after this date will get an option on the ticket form to state what they would like to do.

All activities will probably end between 1 and 2 PM.