Program: Saturday

Complete schedule for Saturday

Saturday will be filled to the brim with fun activities! Our precise programme is still being developed as I write this, attendees will receive a definite schedule when it's done.

We will start off in the morning with words from our CEO Bruce and Matt from the technical staff. Next, we have Frans Wildenborg, who is going to tell us all about the newest reading hype, e-book readers. He will speak to us about the electronic future of books, and how he thinks this fast developing technology will provide new and interesting prospects for BookCrossing.

We have allowed plenty of time for a lunch, browsing books, buying lottery and tombola tickets, getting souvenirs and supply store goodies and lots of chatter. There will also be regular short breaks in the program.

In the afternoon, we will hear from someone from the BookCrossing support team and you'll be able to ask them questions. Next we will have Iranian-Dutch poet Babak Amiri, who will proclaim and sing poetry in both Persian and Dutch for us. We expect to have English translations available on a screen, combined with his own illustrations. Babak accompanies himself on Iranian instruments.

Following mr. Amiri, we have two wonderful storytellers, Sahand Sahebdivani and Rik Vuur. Their words will whisk you away and bring you to worlds far and near. Their stories will be born in the ancient Persian myths and brought to modern times. Most likely they will delight us with some light music where it suits the story.

Our last lecture of the day will be given by Dutch author Rob Ruggenberg, who has written historical children's books such as Manhatan and Slaver.

There will be a few hours break in the program to allow everyone to have some dinner.

In the evening we will have a very special mystery VIP guest, a lottery with lovely prizes (did I hear someone whisper book-shaped baking tins?) and we will have bids for the convention of 2012. All in all, this should be another very fun day we think! Program ends around 22.30h, after which we need to clean up a little, your help is very welcome ;)